About Us

We are a business & social network orientated recruitment platform. Our core mandate is to bridge the unemployment gap in the African continent.

To achieve this, we have simplified job-seeking and recruiting by constantly playing as a matchmaker between employers across the globe & prominent employees in the African continent.


"I relied on word of mouth for low skill opportunities since I don't have any qualifications yet but immediately when I signed up with iBranch, I instantly got employment placedment."

Karabo - Employment-seeker


"Its part of my academic requirements to undergo industrial attachment. Finding the actual company to get attachment placement isn't easy in Botswana but since I registered myself with iBranch, I got placed without having to look for the company. Actually they found me."

Patrick - Attachment-seeker


"When I graduated, I had to relocate back to my homevillage where accessibility to employment opportunities is near impossible, but with iBranch I got placed in a mere instance."

Pheko - Employment-seeker


"I applied to almost 100 job opportunities in my entire life with hopes of placement but because of the little knowledge regarding recruitment procedures and processes, all I got was rejections. After getting to know about the iBranch Career Development Program my chances of placement were increased enomously."

Angelinah - Employment-seeker


"Running an SME is quite hard but finding the right talent to work with is even harder. The iBranch gave me not only the talent I was looking for but also helped my startup tap into international markets as well. You should definitely try their business account."

Lameck - Lam Uya Tech Holdings


"We are an innovation driven consultancy company and finding tendering opportunities in Botswana as an SMME is quite hard but with iBranch business account, I get notifications on all available tenders in and outside Botswana without cost or hussle."

Likius - Aminaami Botswana


We are a customer centric platform with the following benefits;

Create Cover Letter

Before sending your application, we have simplified the way for you to create instant cover letters without the need for a laptop or a computer.

Offline Usage

Our platform is highly accessible even if you don't have internet connection. Thus making the iBranch an ideal smartphone app for you.

Apply on-the-fly

Not only do we expose you to local and cross border opportunities but help you acquire them. We do this by making it easy for you to apply in a mere instant.


Instant Referrals

In the past, job-seekers had to rely on word of mouth for opportunities and with iBranch digitizing this, other job-seekers can easily refer you to opportunities with just a click of a button.

Realtime Notifications

We notify you through;

1. Push Notifications
All you get to hear is a ringtone or vibration indicating that your have a new notification from employers.

2. With the help of AI, we detect whether you are offline and send you Text-based SMS notifications in realtime instead.


Enlist Jobs

Your journey to finding the perfect talent begins with a job advert. Enlisting a job with us is quick, easy and affordable for everyone.

Employees On-Demand

Upon enlisting your job with us, iBranch Matchmaking Algorithm handles the rest by identifying qualifying applicants and applying on their behalf in a mere instance. Giving you the right Quantity that is Quality assured.

Enhanced Applications Processing

Our platform gives you the complete control over your job post. You get to Stream applicant's Resume/Cv Live within the app, shortlist them, book interviews and make hiring decision instantly. Additionaly you can re-route all Applicantions to your designated email or ATS as well.

Employer Branding

With in-App links, you get to share your job post across various platforms. Those who preview your post through the link goes through your employer's profile first, thus marketing and exposing you to potential clients in process.

Pyschometric Tests

Our platform makes it easier for you to narrow down your search with professional and pyschometric tests. You can use these tests to ask applicants key questions which will in the end result in quality assured candidates sharing same values as you.

Browse Tenders

Our platform booms with tender based opportunities for your organization to grow from. Not only do we expose you to local opportunities but international ones as well.

International Market Access

We are a community of interactive business orientated professionals and this makes us the perfect platform for B2B marketing.

Network With Professionals

Our business account owners are managed by HR Practitioners, supply-chain managers, marketers and more. With proper in-App networking, you get to forge new partnerships with them, acquire new clients and build an iBranch fan base.

Realtime Notifications

We notify you through;

1. Push Notifications
All you get to hear is a ringtone or vibration indicating that your have a new notification from potential clients.

2. SMS Notifications
With the help of AI, we detect whether you are offline and send you Text-based SMS notifications in realtime instead.

Enlist Tenders

The road to getting bidders of your choice begins with a tender advert which is easy to create and affordable. Our platforms exposes your tender not only to the local side but international as well. To get insights on your tender, we give you realtime analytics report on the fly.


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